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Nob Hill's Premiere Location for Live Performance  

The Little Sisters of Hoboken want to thank you for supporting their benefit, “Nunsense,” to bury the 52 sisters who passed away due to Sister Julia’s cooking. And so, they are inviting you to the Mount Saint Helen’s School auditorium (that’s the Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill) for NUNSENSE 2: The Second Coming. And what a thank you party this will be. Filled with award winning writer/composer Dan Goggin’s madcap humor and hummable songs, the Little Sisters have cooked up…oops! Given Sister Julia’s culinary skills, let’s change that to the Little Sisters are pulling out all the stops (and some wine corks, too). Be prepared for roller-skating, a Bingo game, country music, circus acts, rock and roll, a nun in jail, nun-napping, theft, and impersonation, all leading to an hilarious conclusion.

The fun starts on Saturday, July 1st, and runs to Sunday, August 6th. If you didn’t see “Nunsense,” then come and meet the wild, eccentric and very lovable Little Sisters of Hoboken.


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