About the Play

Tristana Gonzalez as Steffi

Tristana Gonzalez as Steffi

Jeff Dolecek as Sam

Jeff Dolecek as Sam

Blood and Water by Andy Mayo

Directed by VJ Liberatori

BLOOD AND WATER tells the tense evolution of a revenge plot between two brothers and the unravelling of a long hidden secret  by the woman in love with one of them.

Set in the New Mexico desert, the play evokes the loss of the Old West as the business both brothers founded, for different reasons, depletes the local community’s water supply.

Justin Estes as Art

Justin Estes as Art

“I am thrilled to be directing the World Premiere of Andy Mayo’s timely story of two sparring brothers estranged for many years enmeshed in an explosive public and private drama. The play’s themes of loneliness, lost memories, sibling rivalry and desperate love combine in a startling study of revenge, betrayal and the possibility of forgiveness. If you admire the plays of Sam Shepard, don’t miss BLOOD AND WATER,” Artistic Director VJ Liberatori said.

The play opens with a special Thursday night preview performance September 12 at 8 pm, then follows with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm. Through September 29.

George Ryan as Clint

George Ryan as Clint

“BLOOD AND WATER expertly builds tension before a shocking climactic ending,” according to Scott Jackoway, director of the play’s public reading in Chicago. The play’s prior development included readings at Chicago Dramatists Center for New Play Development.

The outstanding cast features Jeff Dolecek, Justin Estes, Tristana Gonzalez, and George Ryan. Tim Wilkins is stage manager. The production is directed by VJ Liberatori, Producing Artistic Director of the Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill.

This production is funded in part by Emily and Kipp Watson, Sponsors of Season 2019.

Jeff Dolocek and Justin Estes. Photo by Russell Maynor

Jeff Dolocek and Justin Estes. Photo by Russell Maynor

Rivalry at the forefront of ‘Blood and Water’

By Kathaleen Roberts / Journal Staff Writer

Sunday, September 8th, 2019 at 12:02am

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The New Mexico desert conceals the motivation lurking behind two brothers’ explosive rivalry.

The world premiere of Andy Mayo’s “Blood and Water” opens at the Aux Dog Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 12, and runs on weekends through Sept. 29.

Justin Estes, Tristana Gonzalez and Jeff Dolecek star in “Blood and Water.” (Courtesy of Russell Maynor)

Steffi is a fashion editor working within the shallowness of appearance. But she possesses a deeper curiosity.

Determined to mine the truth about her financier husband, Art, she wants to know whether he helped his brother launch a water business out of generosity or spite.

“It’s about what happens to three people, one of whom is intent on revenge,” Mayo said. “It’s about resentment and its consequences.”

Each sibling wants to dominate the other. Steffi serves as the detective.

The playwright moved to Albuquerque 11 years ago to be closer to family after retiring from business in Chicago and Seattle. The play’s development included a reading at the Chicago Dramatists Center for New Play Development. It also received a staged reading sponsored by the Chicago Dramatists.

“I wanted to look at the consequences of revenge, because I think it really poisons people,” Mayo said. “The other (inspiration) is the issue of water.”

Several readers have glimpsed Sam Shepard’s rock ‘n’ roll turmoil in Mayo’s excavation of sibling rivalry.

“I didn’t write it with him in mind, but everyone who has read it thinks Sam Shepard,” he said. “I think ‘visceral’ is not a bad adjective for the script. These guys are really out to get each other.”