November 20:

Mother of Mine, a full-length drama by Talia Pura

Synopsis:  Laura never received a mother's unconditional love, not years ago, when her mother was alive, and not now, when she reaches out to Laura from beyond the grave.

Talia Pura is a playwright, actor, director, filmmaker, designer, aerial dancer and educator. She has written/produced/directed ten short dramatic films, which have been screened at various film festivals around the world, with some licensed for television broadcast on theCanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). As a playwright, Talia has written over 25 plays, resulting in many productions, several publications and a CBC radio commission.  Her play, Cry After Midnight, represented Canada at the Women Playwrights International Conference in Stockholm in 2012.

A Reading Series

Playwrights and solo performance artists looking to develop new material now have a resource in Albuquerque - First Stage Scripts, new writing for the stage eXplored.

First Stage Scripts is a monthly reading series meeting at Aux Dog's X-Space on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill is the only New Mexico theatre that sponsors solo performer presentations every January as part of its ABQ Solo Festival program.

If you're interested in submitting a script, please fill out the form below and we'll reply by email to let you know when we'll be able to schedule it. Submit now!

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First Stage Scripts - Past Readings

October 16, 2017: Ritual for the 21st Century, by Andy Mayo