Fans - up to $149

  • Invitations to exclusive insider events
  • Invitations to the Member annual appreciation event
  • Recognition in show programs and website

Supporters - $150 +

  • All of the above
  • 4 tickets for students to an age appropriate performance
  • 2 tickets at $10 each to the show of your choice

Contributors - $300 +

  • All of the above
  • Ability to buy a discounted subscriber package

Patrons - $1,000 +

  • All of the above
  • Plaque in theatre lobby

Underwriter -

Producing one show

  • All of the above
  • Five free tickets for opening night
  • Priority seating on opening night
  • Opening night party after the performance

Please mail your check to:

Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill

3011 Monte Vista Boulevard, NE

Albuquerque, NM87016

Planned Giving -

There are many tax advantages to making a planned gift and some vehicles can even provide retirement income for yourself or a loved one. Planning now will help ensure that the people and causes important to you are remembered after your lifetime.

Bequests can be made in the form of a specific gift of cash or property, a general sum of money, or a percentage of the remainder of an estate or trust and they are distributed at your death. The full amount of a bequest to Aux Dogis usually deductible for estate tax purposes.

Aux Dog ’s correct legal designation is:
Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill
Federal Tax ID number

Charitable Remainder Trust
A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is created by a transfer of assets to a trust that will pay you or another beneficiary income for life or for a period of years. At the death of the last beneficiary, the remaining property in the trust passes to Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill.

Tax Advantages of a CRT
•    Receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction.
•    Diversify assets—the trust pays no capital gains tax on the sale of trust assets
•    Exclude the entire value of the trust from your estate to avoid Federal tax.
Charitable Lead Trust
A Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) is created by a transfer of assets to a trust that will pay Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill income for a term of years. At the end of the term, you or a beneficiary receives the remaining trust assets. A CLT can be created during life or at death (under the terms of your will). This planned giving option is a great way to transfer assets to future generations while benefiting Aux Dog today. The tax advantage is that it removes assets from your estate and minimizes your estate and gift taxes.

Retirement Plan
Retirement Plans are one of the best assets to own during your life but they are the worst asset for your family to inherit. After your lifetime, retirement plan assets are subject to income and estate taxes and their value can be reduced by as much as 75%. Naming Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill as a beneficiary of funds in your retirement plan is an easy step to take to reduce the size of taxable assets and avoid subjecting the estate or beneficiary to income taxation.
Contact the financial institution handling your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or other retirement plan or profit sharing account. A simple form is normally all that is required to name Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.

Aux Dog ’s correct legal designation is:
Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill
Federal Tax ID number

Life Insurance Policy
Using a life insurance policy in your planned giving is a perfect way to make a leveraged gift to Aux Dog. By making small payments each year into your policy for a number of years, you can leave a bequest of sizable proportions. After your lifetime, the policy proceeds going to Aux Dogwill be an estate tax charitable deduction.





What You Can Help Pay For


An entire season of outstanding plays


Free Shakespeare 505 performances


Actor, Director, and Designer stipends for a season


Produce the First Stage Script Reading Series


X-Space rehearsal space for a production